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Online Classes

As our live classes are currently suspended, we are making available a selection of online classes for our regular clients.  As from 27th April, Carin will be uploading a new class each week for the 10 week summer term.  We have not set up a paywall but, as we are not receiving any income from our Pilates classes now, if you feel inclined to make a donation please feel free to do so!  (We suggest a minimum of £35 for 10 classes, i.e. half price -please use the BACS details you use to pay for your classes.)

Carin's online lessons

Summer Class 6: warm up routine

Summer Class 6: Flow routine

Summer Class 6: Core work 1

Summer Class 6: Core work 2

Summer Class 9 warm-up routine

Summer Class 9 standing work

Summer Class 9 core work

Summer Class 9 glutes & stretches