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"As a cyclist with previous neck and back issues who predominantly works at a desk I needed something to improve my posture and core stability. Pilates was suggested both by my Chiropractic and my bike-fitting expert. 2 years later and I haven't looked back! Carin has expertly taught me and 2 groups of cyclists in the art of Pilates. Suffice it to say that we eagerly anticipate our weekly sessions and can really feel the benefit both on and off the bike! The sessions do feel like a work-out and I can wholeheartedly recommend both Pilates and Carin to anyone considering joining her classes."  Simon L.

"During 2008 and the early part of 2009 I suffered with my back - the result of 30 odd years of sailing coupled with numerous sporting injuries in my younger days. It would literally take 10 minutes to get out of bed, movement was restricted and I was in great pain. Not only was it difficult to get in and out of a car, I had to give up my No.1 hobby sailing, unable to race my Enterprise dinghy at weekends, also I was unable to play badminton. I was told I had very worn discs and I went to an osteopath, spending vast sums of money every 2-3 weeks.

"So, May 2009 saw me attend my first Pilates class at Hempnall Village Hall. Within 2 weeks I was moving about better, able to get out of bed "normally", and within 6 weeks sailing in a 3 day Regatta at Beccles. Early October I was back playing badminton. And last year I sailed every week between Easter and Christmas.

"Carin's Pilates classes come highly recommended; I have benefitted greatly both physically and mentally from her classes. Going to a "men only" class we have all benefitted from being fitter, more agile, and able to participate in sport again with less aches and pains. At the same time we all have a jolly good time. Attendance record is excellent, so we must all enjoy it. Only wish I went to Carin's classes years ago!"

Richard D. (aged 54)

"Before starting Pilates 18 months ago my spine was starting to twist through years of bending over a desk or computer keyboard. My back used to go into spasm leaving me bent over or even unable to walk. Walking any distance was impossible without walking poles - a mile was about my limit. My doctor told me I was heading for a life in a wheel chair as my spinal discs were crumbling and there was some fusion of bones in the lower spine.

"I started Pilates in September 2010 and was told one shoulder was higher than the other and my pelvis was tilted. At first I found the exercises quite difficult but the thought of the wheelchair spurred me on! As time has progressed so has the strength in my muscles and I can now stand upright, walk 4 or 5 miles with ease and have not had a muscle spasm since. I have gained strength in my knees and shoulders too, and I have halved my pain relief medication. I recommend Pilates to anyone with back problems."

Patricia C.

"I can certainly see how you can go 'nuts about Pilates' - what a brilliant hour it is! It is totally time for yourself. Carin and Sue are always aware of anyone's limitations and constantly give advice and much encouragement during exercise. The small groups are very friendly and relaxed and we know we are all off to walk tall another week!"


"I know Pilates has been so good for me and has at least kept my other hip going, as I was told 11 years ago when I had my first hip replaced that the other one was beginning to show signs of possibly needing a replacement. Apart from my hip it has done me so much good generally, and I am sure it has really strengthened my core muscles as well as hopefully some other parts!! Having done yoga for probably about 20 years, I find Pilates is so much better for me. I really didn't feel it was necessary to be a "Warrior" any more! I must admit sometimes in the middle of the winter with a roaring fire it is a real effort to leave it but I ALWAYS leave Pilates feeling so much better and really glad I made the effort to come. Long may Pilates at Hempnall continue - many thanks."

Elisabeth G (aged 60+)

"I have been attending the Pilates Class with Sue Palmer for a year and it is the first exercise class I have stick with for so long. It is helping to strengthen my back which has given me problems for a few years now and I can really feel a difference. I am much more aware of my posture and consciously hold myself better now."

Debbie A.

"I joined Carin Nutt's Tuesday morning beginners Pilates class for two terms last September and presently am attending the advanced class on a Tuesday evening. At the age of 79 years I found this improved my fitness level with a disciplined set of exercise. Prior to this I had damaged my left arm and shoulder which I thought would never improve, however this has worked and I find the more sessions I attend the better I feel."

John S. (aged 79)

"I have been doing Pilates for about two and a half years. I started because I was starting to get a bit serious about horse riding and needed some stronger riding muscles which I now have. There have also been two very pleasant side effects. I have lost about two stone in weight and my right hip, that was so tender that I could scarcely lie on it following an injury sustained in a car accident more than twenty years ago, is no longer preventing me from doing the exercises with my weight lying on that side."

Ruth (aged 65)

According to The Daily Telegraph Pippa Middleton owes her shape to Pilates - open document to read more:

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